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Shanawaspura FPCL

FPC Produce: Chilly
Location: Bellary, Karnataka
Last Updated on Dec 2022
Agronomic Training about Chilly for shareholders of FPO

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500 Farmers

Output Biz 21-23

Input Biz 21-23

1023 Farmers

Output Biz 21-23
5.7 Cr

Input Biz 21-23
1.2 Cr

  • The FPO makes availability of inputs like seed, pesticide and fertilisers to its member farmers at the lowest price compared to the local market with the best technical solutions.
  • The usage of quality inputs and services for intensive agriculture enhances cluster competitiveness.
  • The FPO makes arrangements of various types of training from KVK, Horticulture Dept., Technical Institutions etc. on best agricultural practices to increase the production and quality of their produce.
Sadham Hussain
Since 2019