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N G Ranga FPC

FPC Produce: Chilly, Cotton
Location: Prakasam, Andra Pradesh
Last Updated on Dec 2022
Agronomy training for chilly for the shareholders of the FPO

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500 Farmers

Output Biz 21-23

Input Biz 21-23

1023 Farmers

Output Biz 21-23
5.7 Cr

Input Biz 21-23
1.2 Cr

  • The FPO makes availability of inputs like seed, pesticide and fertilisers to its member farmers at the lowest price compared to the local market with the best technical solutions.
  • The usage of quality inputs and services for intensive agriculture enhances cluster competitiveness.
  • The FPO makes arrangements of various types of training from KVK, Horticulture Dept., Technical Institutions etc. on best agricultural practices to increase the production and quality of their produce.
A Subba Reddy
Since 2019